Sonnets Politically Motivated


An overflowing fountain of meaning.
Meaning so much, but only when applied
and relevant. Otherwise a teeming
torrent, which misapplied resembles lies.

A computer culture granting access
to a vast amount of information.
But there’s plenty, in amongst the excess,
that’s falsehood posing as explanation.

Of course, facts are facts, … unless distortions.
Can be subject to interpretations.
In different contexts, disproportions
brings out fictitious elucidations.

The pure water collects an impure foam
that’s spewed from mouths, as if the truth they own.


In peril. Here is a world in peril.
With wild creatures around, almost feral.
Powerful primates, crazily mental.
Don’t care if what comes next, is terrible.

Greed and domination’s devastation.
Resources to grab, the expectation.
Privilege assured, anticipation.
Profit, unconcerned at despoilation.

The world has been, for sure, resilient.
It keeps replenishing to host new life.
But man’s treachery is not innocent.
The planet only for what it provide,

this lifetime. Nothing more matter at all.
Attitude which puts the world in peril.


Disagreement with the ruling elite.
They are cruel with most of their endeavours.
Class punishment, they repeat and repeat.
For rich and powerful, in all weathers.

They are abusive at home and abroad.
Pretence that decent, merely a thin veil.
Extensive cuts, as say cannot afford,
yet funds for wealthy themselves to avail.

And overseas, are often malicious.
Sell arms to favoured regimes to murder.
Conduct policies of hate, quite vicious.
Avoidance of justice taken further;

to impunity for all of their acts.
And those acts are the work of crude ‘throw-backs’.


Detention Centres. Concentration Camps.
Children subject to official neglect.
Treated as undeserving of a chance.
Immigrants. What, in hell, do they expect?

Deaths at sea, deliberately provoked.
No rescue allowed, or port to arrive.
Law to process, basically revoked.
Refugees. Think can come ashore alive?

A war on those fleeing from war back there.
War on those with no hope unless they move.
On those who make the effort to get here.
Those who, when faced with no prospect, refuse.

The response. Mostly cruel and inhuman.
Asylum seekers. Are they subhuman?


The young, now they know what is important.
Aware of the science, they know the fact;
that cost of climate change exhorbitant.
Threat to our survival, from its impact.

They know about the causes; the carbon.
Burnt fossil fuels into the atmosphere.
The ozone layer, where a hole’s open.
Rising temperature, something to fear.

And they know politicians’ complacent.
Won’t make the decisions they really must.
They’re getting increasingly impatient.
Looking carefully for who they can trust.

Capitalism, a reckless mistake.
But labour, overall, has choice to make.


It’s oh so expensive in the free world.
Privatisation is pretty pricey.
People made to pay, whilst the myth upheld.
A ‘forced tax’, even though ‘democracy’.

It’s oh so costly, in spite of ‘free trade’.
Oligopolies, cartels, rule the roost.
Know it the case that the public ‘get played’.
Profiteers and racketeers been let loose.

Freedom to rockn’roll in the free world.
But they don’t mind that in the unfree world.
If afford, can go to a concert held.
And whilst the music plays, worry dispelled.

Meanwhile, freed to charge more for what we need,
the corporates, with nothing to impede.


Was titled ‘The Cult of the Clitoris’,
the short advert in The Vigilante.
Performance for traitors, the emphasis,
of Oscar Wilde’s Salome, privately.

February 1918, the time.
The war effort stuttering, as pushed back.
Moral subversion to the public’s mind,
as diversion. Had the desired impact.

The trial was for an obscene libel.
Pemberton Billings, the quirky MP,
accuser. The accused, theatrical.
One was Maud Adams who played Salome.

The moral brigade won their day in court,
to shame art. Clitoris Cult, though, still sought.


Word associated with the Cold War.
Why so much had to be spent on weapons.
In particular, missiles nuclear;
for mushroom clouds rising to the heavens.

That word was ‘deterrence’. Alleged purpose.
If the other side used, well … destruction.
Never mind the risk that could destroy us.
Justified massive overproduction.

A recent film tells of ‘traitors’ back then
who sent the details to the Soviets.
But what if advantage did not intend,
just equal ‘deterrence’ to blow to bits.

If adhere to ‘deterrence’, then why crime?
Pretence, and paranoia, of the time.


Stay sheltered from the approaching maelstrom.
The flooding rain … the swirling gales …to fear
The havoc it brings, likely be awesome.
Caught out unguarded, and could disappear.

The violence of the natural world.
Life-threatening, earth-splitting, eruption.
Gigantic gasp of energy expelled,
causing, to normal living, disruption.

Can add to that human conflagration.
Surges by might to take, or keep, power.
Storm, from such a clash, bring consternation.
A person may be plucked like a flower.

That is what a maelstrom can do … uproot.
By weather or political dispute.


Tracer fire. The bullets fly from the sky,
down to earth in a close scatter pattern.
Or toward a flying object nearby.
Guns below use to make a crash happen.

A deadly array of hardened metal
that capable of great velocity,
and distance, to the sound of its death knell.
Epitome of war ferocity.

But, have been used against civilians.
On villages and communal events.
Whistling projectiles aimed at innocents.
Attacks like these, in the name of defence.

Added to, are bombs and now, of course, drones.
Reigning down, or throwing up, sharpened stones.


A Data Farm storage facility,
with supercomputer, obviously.
Operations shrouded in secrecy.
Processing surveillance incessantly.

Phone and computer messages sorted.
Billions of communications gathered.
All recorded intercepts imported,
to process with meticulous method.

Everyone’s contacts, every day.
Their locations. Of course, activities.
Full analysis, if need to display,
including sexual proclivities.

Sometimes used to catch criminals quite fast.
But all suspect, so the data kept, vast.


It’s a form of Munchausens By Proxy
on a grand scale, if such can be called ‘grand’.
By a government like ours, commonly,
when, over people, has the upper hand.

Will claim to be ministering for them.
That the rough policy is for own good.
Disguise that administering poison,
and that, overall, are up to no good.

Many premature, preventable deaths.
Air pollution, poor heating and eating.
In care and health, a lack of interest.
Lies that love, when don’t, often repeating.

Us, needy, accept with docility
rulers traits of Munchausens By Proxy.


Britain will only reform painfully.
Change that needs, won’t come voluntarily,
although deep down know it’s necessary.
Stuck in the moment, momentarily.

That, however, is unsustainable.
Imperial decline does mean decline.
Assumed grandeur is unattainable.
As are riches that thought could rely on.

Britain could modernise itself. It could.
It could transform itself creatively,
with education and skills understood.
Innovative gains, be its destiny.

But right now, the ‘superior’ bluster.
Racist attitudes all that can muster.


Once you’ve got it you’re going to use it.
That is the lesson of new weaponry.
Someone will come along and abuse it.
Regard it, will say, as ‘necessary’.

Be unleashed, the destructive potential.
Be used against foe to kill and to cow.
Beyond, others to be deferential.
And the bully’s will, will have to allow.

That is what nuclear threats were about.
Told, can’t disinvent, and if do not have
subject to blackmail as we lose our clout.
In the blood of millions prepared to bathe.

The latest used, with barely an excuse,
drones. Spreading and exploding quite profuse.


Described as “lazy and narcissistic”,
the elected British Prime Minister.
Acts in public as if optimistic,
but his indifference is sinister.

It is an attitude without substance,
other than assuredness of own gain.
Interest in others, just a pretence.
Hardship and being ignored will remain.

Casual racism whenever want,
and out-of-date imperialism.
English nationalists won’t disappoint.
And, for greedy materialism.

Thinks himself as Winston Churchill reborn.
Just needs a war. With him, likely to form.


Saying by the writer Albert Camus,
“In conflict, victims … executioners.
Role of the thinking man (upon review)
not to side with the executioners.”

Yes, for the most part, that is what should ‘think’
because, if it is not a metaphor,
executions are murders quite distinct.
The taking of lives by force, should abhor.

But a hate-filled wild dog is dangerous;
as is its pack which imposes terror.
To oppose by speech alone, won’t reverse.
To think could, suicidal chimera.

But resonance in what Camus expressed,
is thinking men should side with the oppressed.


She must be effective, Greta Thunberg,
Insulted by the world’s most powerful.
Has had to endure, but she has endured.
Her climate campaign taking on them all.

They are forced to act against what they wish,
which is to ignore the change happening.
Their interest, big money and business,
which they feel threatened by her campaigning.

A spontaneous movement of the young
demands action to check the threat perceived.
Refuse to do so, the negligent ones,
so insult strategy instead, conceived.

Greta should smile, go to school, have boyfriend,
learn economics … To divert, offend.


Xenophobic, with cloak of racism.
‘They may be black, … asian. Will be foreign.’
Them allowed here, offends tribalism.
It’s a source for fascism abhorrent.

Dog-whistle expressions, to overt ones,
Applied to those who are different, here.
Very soon, abusive behaviour comes.
Prejudice and its twin contempt, made clear.

The law then leans in the same direction.
Authorities discriminatory.
Politicians, rather than protection,
encourage even more disparity.

Quite quickly, a hostile environment.
This, xenophobia’s entire extent.


Limited confrontation expected
from predictable belligerency.
Warning, what will result if rejected
the claims made of pure legitimacy.

But both sides have what they think are just claims.
Find intolerable the others’ role.
For misadventure, then, would pass the blame.
Respond to threats with own, which won’t annul.

More dangerous still, when allies involved.
They may well encourage, provoke, egg-on.
Have the power, it is thought, to resolve.
But may contribute to things going wrong.

That is how wars can start between nations.
Think there’s restraints, but miscalculations.


Under the radar, grotesque happening.
Trident nuclear missile replacement,
for Britain, with U.S. operating.
A base for them, then, here is what is meant.

And we pay for it; for the privilege.
Billions of pounds paid to their contractors,
whilst the ‘ States get free U.K. anchorage.
No questions asked. In deals we’re amateurs.

And its contribution, next to nothing.
It used against a non-nuclear state
unlikely. That would be mass murdering.
An exchange; more deaths … ours …, anticipate.

Even as a threat, it, an empty one,
except if U.S. decide it be done.

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