Sonnets About America


The United States is imperial,
and as such dangerous as a rogue state.
Military might ‘threat’ is typical.
Its use does regularly contemplate.

To others it is unpredictable.
Can bully, sanction and subvert, at will.
Do what many think unacceptable.
Act with impunity. Its crimes, it shield.

Exceptionalism. Own rules, or none.
Bad enough with a near-sane president,
but with a racist, xenophobic one,
and institutions’ aggressive intent,

vested interests, at the world’s expense.
And, fascination turn to violence.


Mostly black and overwhelmingly poor,
the thousand a year killed by U.S police.
Amongst will be crimes of murder, for sure,
and where death rate did not need to increase.

A case, if matter of public safety.
If, with a weapon threatening to kill,
someone, who cannot neutralise safely.
Or, self-defence, the evidence reveal.

But too many to be just those reasons.
And racism and white supremacy
rife. Makes for killings without good reason,
and all those murders an obscenity.

What if the white cops were replaced by blacks?
A number of those deaths evaporate.


The return of serious fascism,
built on the back of white supremacy.
Really, it is an anachronism,
but for thuggishness, has temerity.

Deemed to be form of popularism.
First, as protest that is xenophobic,
and promoting white nationalism.
The racially different, scapegoated.

Religious minorities targeted.
Termed ‘alien’ if non-white non-Christian.
Foreigners, too, may well be assaulted,
and those with contrary opinion.

Its return more serious with power.
Murderous brutality have its hour.


A clandestine state running an empire.
Covert acts cavorting with criminals.
Funds for dictators, to their heart’s desire.
Forms of violence, diplomatic tools.

Much by local, arms-length, subordinates.
Or contractors with their own crime networks.
With them, chosen-killing, co-ordinates.
In getting what they want, make things much worse.

And, becomes a war on their own people.
The subversion extends to the homeland.
Drugs and guns deals go way beyond recall.
Repressive consequence gets out of hand.

State’s democracy, thereby, subverted.
And to tyranny, it gets converted.


The geopolitical stratagems
of both China and the United States
for each to secure world dominion,
does not make it, for us, a safer place.

China, via construction and trade routes
through Eurasia, to Europe, and also
Africa. Its role pivotal, as suits.
To ‘keep’, land forces all over can go.

U.S. all about military might.
Surveillance and missiles from drones and space.
Relies on damage would cause in a fight.
Not control, though, new trade growing apace.

Chinese empire. American empire.
Lives, like ours, at risk if set world on fire.


Where America could be truly great,
and it could be, not merely a slogan,
is if it changed its political state
abroad, where its strategy is broken.

It relies upon a domineering
based on military and weaponry,
surveillance, subversion, their way steering.
From cold war on, eschewed democracy.

But that’s its advantage over rivals,
which are autocratic, dictatorships.
Promote this goal, which those others stifle.
For own good, then, the crucial missing bits;

people power, rule of law, human rights.
Such an America truly excites.


Added problem for the United States,
in its claim to maintain world leadership,
is vested interests it has in place.
Corporations, which too much leeway give.

Private bullies who exploit for profit.
Set trade terms which enshrine their dominance,
so public policy they also set,
although for public good, lack competence.

These multi-national mercenaries
force their will, and high cost, on their ‘victims’.
At core, American interest is,
it is claimed. If thwarted, then force kicks in.

But just enrich, beyond belief, owners.
Their rigged markets get seen as onerous.


America, in capital letters,
In front of a stars and stripes flag unfurled.
Many were forcibly brought in fetters.
Freed, after civil war fought, to new world.

Still have to face racism, extensive.
Next to murders, the worst, economic.
Social attitudes remain offensive.
But the plates are still moving; tectonic.

For my picture, fade the M and the E’s
bottom horizontal spoke. They’re there, but
Africa, the bold letters that one sees.
Then just below, my slogan that out juts,

says, ‘America. A lot less without
Africa.’ Their country, what it’s about.


Flown from Minot Air Force Base near Dallas
to Barksdale, the B52 bomber.
3 hour flight close to St Louis, Kansas,
Minneapolis. But not like before,

because this time six nuclear warheads
still on advanced cruise missiles for scrapping.
Mounted on pylons on the wings instead.
Huge risk of a disaster happening.

Called “absolutely inexcusable”.
The Commander sacked for gross negligence.
Such accidents, though, irrefutable.
32 made known by U.S Defence

up to year 2000. ‘Broken Arrows’.
Chance of self-inflicted ‘bullseye’ narrows.


Out in the open, the thugs, the racists.
Emboldened by right-wing identity.
Politics ‘normalising’ extremists;
the believers in white supremacy.

They would return blacks to being enslaved;
To second-class citizens, if are free.
Law and prejudice forcibly displayed.
Regularly put-down, demonstrably.

Subjugated economically.
Majority condemned to poverty.
Poor housing and health, inevitably.
Yet reasons found to blame them, morally.

Sounds much the same as currently the case.
These brutes, though, brazen to make hate-filled, race.

Sonnets About America.
Sonnets with a Personal Twist.